Vendor Settings

Settings Home Screen: (Hauling Zones)

On this screen, the first button that you see (in blue) is “Connect with Stripe.” Click on this button to configure automatic ACH Deposits.


Settings – Linking your Bank Account with Stripe

Stripe is the same platform that Uber and Lyft use to process payments from customers and to drivers.

Click on the blue button “Connect with Stripe” on your dashboard to get started:

This will bring you to a special encrypted Stripe web-page, where you will be asked to fill out a brief form. This form includes an ask for your EIN number and bank information. Upon completing the form — your bank account is now linked for weekly payments! Payments are made every Friday for the previous week’s worth of activity.






If your Hauling mode is “Radius from the Center, ” you can easily adjust the distance.  Price per mile is typically set to 0, as delivery for the base radius is usually included in the base price.


Extended Service Area:

When a customer performs a search, the prices they are quoted include delivery fees. If you would like to charge extra for going a further distance, this is possible by setting a greater radius and a price per mile of delivery.


Alternative method of delivery zones: Google Maps KMZ/KML file

These can be difficult to make if you’re not experienced with maps software. Just give us a call. Here’s an example of a map file we created for one of our haulers:

We can make these very specific: zip code maps aren’t perfect — sometimes they leave out areas in-between. Sometimes you can’t enter into certain areas because of permitting or legal restrictions. We can black-out zones in your delivery map if you need. If you would like this for your company, print out a Google Map — draw on it, scan it, and email it to us ([email protected]). 



Settings – Terms and Conditions

On this screen, you paste your current contract for a rental. Customers must agree to a checkbox with these terms at checkout.

Terms and Conditions “Essentials” shows up during the checkout process. This setting can be overridden at the product level by modifying the Terms and Conditions Field in your inventory setting.


Settings – Account Details

On this screen, you can update your password and email.