Order Management

Recent Orders on the Vendor Dashboard

When you first log in, you are presented with the Vendor Dashboard. On this screen, you will see your latest orders. To open an order, simply click on it.

You can see a larger list of your orders by clicking on “Show All Orders” or the “Orders” link in the sidebar menu.

  • When a new order is placed, you will instantly receive an email with details of the booking.
  • 24 hours before of a booking starts, you will receive an email reminder of the upcoming drop-off.


The First Day of an Order:  “Out for Delivery” 

This is an optional step; when you click “Out for Delivery,” your customer will receive an email notifying them that their order is on the way.

  • After clicking on “Out for Delivery,” you will be asked to confirm the action:

All of the actions you will perform in the process of managing an order are triggered from this orange bar. 



Logging a Drop-Off: Marking an order “At Customer Location”

Simply click the action button “At Customer Location.” Once the order enters this state, the software begins tracking the number of days for billing. If it exceeds the number of days in the booking, it will automatically assess and bill for extra day fees.



Picking Up a Dumpster:

Simply click the action button “Out for Pickup.”



Uploading the Landfill Bill:

After clicking “Upload Landfill Bill,” you will see the following prompt.



An Issue Came Up: Marking an order “On Hold”

If for some reason a drop off or pickup date can’t be met, simply click “On Hold.”  You will be prompted to write a message which your customer will receive via E-Mail.