Inventory Management

Inventory Home

On the “Inventory” tab, you can either add new products, or edit your existing. We have already set up your inventory from the information you provided in your signup form.


To edit an existing inventory item, simply click on it. Once you have opened it, you will see the following product detail screen:

Then click “Edit Product” and you will be able to modify the inventory settings.


Product Settings – Basic


Available Quantity: The number of available boxes in the system.

Base Cost: The flat-rate price for the base rental period.

Base Rent Time: Set the # of days included.

Cost p Additional Day: Per-day fee for holding onto box.

Base Tonnage: The amount of tonnage included in the rental.

Overweight Fee: The amount the customer should be billed per ton for overage.

Product Settings – Extra Fees And Terms

This section is where you should re-state any special fees from your terms and conditions that your customers should be aware about:

The customer will see these details during the checkout process as they confirm their order: (example below)


Product Settings – Advanced


Buffer period before first booking: How much notice do you need before a rental can be fulfilled?

Enter 0 for same day before noon.

Enter 1 for 24 hours notice. Enter 3 for 3 days.

For 1 week, change the drop down.


Maximum renting time into future: This impacts both customers who are looking for long-term multi-month rentals that start in the future, and customers looking to book far in advance.

You will always receive periodic reminders of upcoming orders and they will exist on your dashboard when active.


Buffer Period in Days Between Rentals: A value of 0 will allow the same container to be booked again the following day after a pickup. A value of 1 will add a one-day buffer period between bookings.