Achieving Zero Waste in Washington DC

Is zero waste in Washington DC an attainable goal or a utopian vision? With the high rate at which people produce trash, it makes sense that governments, organizations, and individuals are doing everything it takes to achieve zero waste. The city is striving to achieve zero waste by 2034. It plans to divert 80% of garbage from landfills and incinerators and reuse 20% of all trash produced to accomplish this. But what does zero-waste mean?

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a lifestyle that intends to divert any debris that has economic value from the landfills through reuse, recycling or resale. You should manage the flow of resources and garbage from production to consumption. Zero waste in Washington DC can seem unattainable and ambitious when you view it from a broader perspective. However, it all starts with individuals like you, business owners, and communities to realize the critical goal of eliminating waste. 

Benefits of Adopting a Zero Waste Methodology 

Trash at home is an inevitable consequence of everyday lifestyles, and you will always have to spend money to get rid of garbage. Transitioning to zero waste in Washington DC has benefits like:

  • Helping you cut on meaningless and impulse buying that can save thousands of dollars every year. 
  • Getting quality and long-lasting products like storage jars, grocery bags, etc. One-time-use products are a waste of money and fill your curbside bin fast. 
  • Disciplining you to always shop the pantry fast before going to the grocery store. This means less food waste.
  • Reducing pollution and contributing to natural resources conservation.

Better for Business

Zero waste in Washington DC has benefits for business. First, it gives your business a competitive advantage over others. Second, being a green business will save you the costs of waste disposal and help you establish long-lasting relationships with your clients and partners. Also, zero waste can help you cut on operational expenses, like getting new equipment and materials through reuse and recycling. 

Guide to help you achieve zero waste in Washington DC

Reduce sources of waste at home.

Achieving zero waste at home is easy. The first rule to attain this goal is to do home trash evaluation. Check for culprits that you throw out daily like plastic bags, straws, plastic containers, water bottles, paper towels, etc., and replace them with long-lasting, reusable products. For example, get reusable cloth bags for your groceries, reusable water bottles, and glass storage containers. 

Also, reuse, resell, or give out items like electronics, clothing, and beddings in good condition. You can even upcycle items at home and use them to make home accessories. Instead of dumping food waste in the trash bin, divert them to the compost pile and make organic manure.

zero waste in Washington DC

Repurpose construction and demolition waste.

Another way to achieve zero waste in Washington DC is to divert the amount of C&D debris in the landfills and incinerators. Imagine, 40% of solid waste in Washington DC comes from construction and remodeling projects. And the largest part of this debris is either burned or covered underground. Repurpose C&D junk, whether it is from residential-scale or commercial construction projects. 

Reuse non-hazardous construction waste or transfer to a C&D recycling facility. Dumpster Market provides convenient debris dumpsters and recycling services for construction projects in Washington DC. Support the city to attain its vision of zero waste by 2032. Pick a roll-off size and throw in clean or mixed construction debris, and we will happily help keep it out of the landfill or the burning in the incinerator.

Have convenient waste management for your business.

Achieving zero waste as a business owner or resident starts with convenient waste management in Washington DC. Hire a dumpster rental company to supply front load dumpsters or roll-offs. If you need to book one, look no further than Dumpster Market, the largest online source for waste management rentals.

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