Dumpster Rental Permits

Dumpster Rental Permits

When do you need to obtain a Permit for your Roll-off Container?

Your permit requirements will be based on a number of factors.  The first thing to consider is if the dumpster will be placed on your private property – this will immediately rule out any need to get a permit. Also be aware that the local dumpster rental company that you are paired with through Dumpster Market is not necessarily responsible for any fines you receive throughout your rental – certain cities will hold the dumpster rental company responsible, but not all.

If you plan to have your dumpster sit in public places such as the street or the sidewalk you will likely need to look into your city’s dumpster rental permit requirements. We are in the process of adding specific permit guides for all of the cities we serve to our website to take this burden off of your hands.

The places that will approve your dumpster placement and issue you a permit could be:

  • Your city’s public works department
  • Your city’s building department
  • Your neighborhood homeowner association

How to make sure you’re covered for a dumpster rental

If you’d like to research the permit situation for your area without the help of one of our representatives please take the following steps:

  • Check with the entities listed above by searching for their contact information online and explain your plans to them.
  • If the first person you talk to is not in charge of dumpster rental permits for your location, they will likely know who is
  • Once you find the entity who is responsible they will help you determine whether you need a permit for your roll-off container
  • Follow any directions they give you and make sure that you have been approved and issued a permit if you need one
  • Always check additionally with your local homeowner association if you have one, regardless of any permits you’ve been granted

Going through this process is quite simple and could save you a lot of money – we highly advise that you do not let this part of your project slip if you want to keep your costs down.

As mentioned, you can always use the staff at Dumpster Market as a personal resource for all things related to waste removal.  We are a free support team with a mission to make sure you get rid of your construction waste debris, execute a flawless junk removal project, and everything in between with zero hiccups. We know that dumpster rental is not a familiar topic to many who are planning things like residential home improvement project and that many questions will arise.

We are here to take away any uncertainty you may have.  Dumpster rental can be very simple and painless if you work with Dumpster Market – we urge you to take advantage of all we have to offer.

Need help determining the permit needs for your project?

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