Dumpster Calculators

Debris Calculator for Dumpster Rental

Estimate the weight, volume, and cost of disposal for your construction or demolition project.

How much debris will my construction project generate? How many dumpsters do I need for a roofing job? How much is a dumpster rental for driveway disposal? Whole house demolition and disposal costs?

This is the best place to start! This calculator is based on industry experience and FEMA guidelines for debris estimation. Simply input your project's measurements and see the estimated weight and volume it will generate. Continue your search to compare competitive offers from local roll-off dumpster rental companies. This tool is helpful for understanding the total disposal costs for a large project and for getting the best deal on a dumpster rental. 

Select Project Type:

Pavement / Driveway

Concrete / Brick
Roofing Shingles
Structure Demolition

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