Orange is the New Green in Omaha

Omaha, like many other big cities, is facing the challenge of limiting what goes into their landfills.  Recycling programs have been in full swing with limited success, and still there is an excess of junk and trash. Unlike many other cities, instead of sitting back and ignoring its waste problems, Omaha has decided to go out and spearhead an innovative solution. Starting in 2016 local communities began using Orange Hefty bags to recycle materials that normally would not allowed to be recycled. To put that into perspective it has been reported that 14 tons of materials  have been kept out of a landfill because of the Orange Hefty bag program. Click here to see which items you can place in the orange bags.


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Another organization that is striving to clean up the streets of Omaha is Keep Omaha Beautiful. The program is looking to collect types of plastics and other materials that currently are not being collected by the city trash collectors, and having those items get sent to a “cement production plant near Kansas City where the material gets burned in their furnish.” While this solution has a limited effect on air pollution, it does reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills. Any resident who is looking for ways to improve the Omaha community should look no further than this website for more information about future innovative ideas or litter cleanups. Residents are encouraged to help clean up their mess and be part of the waste solution.


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