Brown Clouds Over Phoenix Caused by Waste

Sometimes you don’t think twice about what you’re tossing in the trash. According to the EPA the average American throws away about 4.4 lbs of trash per day. Wrappers, plastics, and other waste gets disposed into trash bins every day; all to be hauled away and dumped into a landfill.

Arizona State University has conducted many studies analyzing plastic waste production and its effect on the environment. They have discovered that certain plastics and rubbers we come in contact with everyday like contact lenses, plastic wrap, balloons, and even dryer lint can take up to 400 years to degrade.

There truly is only one solution to this and that is to begin to put an emphasis on recycling. If we can make habits out of green practices we can put a large dent in the waste that is created everyday.

Scientists in Phoenix, AZ are hungry to search for a new way to reduce the harmful effects pollution has on their city. Water test samples from a polluted site near 38th St. and Indian School in Phoenix showed high levels of tetrachloroethelene, also known as TCE, pollution. They tried various methods to reach unpolluted levels from the water samples at this site. When traditional vapor extraction methods failed to yield the desired results; a new chemical oxidation injection was tried. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality officials reported the contaminated site was now “cleaned up”.

Pollution of plastics isn’t the only concern in Phoenix. Air pollution is a huge issue in Phoenix. Air pollution is a horrible form of pollution that affects daily life of all people in polluted areas. Phoenix is one of the worst areas for air pollution in the US. The “Brown Cloud” has been over the county since the mid 1990’s. This cloud of pollution is caused by fossil fuels people create using vehicles that burn fuel. The cloud is always growing due to the widespread frivolous use of fossil fuels. The pollution is particularly bad in Arizona due to the climate and geography. The way the desert heats and cools coupled with the wind gust that comes through the valley near Phoenix the “Brown Cloud” forms over the city.

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