Recycling on the Rise in Melbourne, Florida

Recycling on the Rise in Melbourne, Florida

Throughout the United States of America there has been a surge in the amount of people starting to focus on sustainability. This is a very important step into having a brighter, and cleaner future. We see in Melbourne, Florida this new trend of “going green” has had a major increase in recycling for the county. This is great because many materials that once may have been sent to a landfill are being sent to centers to be recycled.

A problem has risen due to this new trend of recycling. Sometimes citizens will recycle materials that really should be disposed into solid waste bins. This causes serious problems at the recycling centers. Businesses that recycle the materials people put in bins will often encounter material that can’t be recycled. Sometimes this material may be harmful to the machinery used in these plants. talks briefly in an article about how workers in Brevard county have to close down the whole plant to get rid of these improper materials. Then plant employees will have to climb into machines to remove large debris that should not have been recycled. This is a serious issue for many recycling facilities in Brevard County Florida.

When large debris are removed from the recycling machines, it must be hauled away to the proper solid waste facility. Which, can cost recycling facilities hundred of thousands to haul this debris to the proper landfill. This takes away a lot of the materials that you may think would be recycled. reports that the Townsend Road recycling plant sorts and separates over 7,000 pounds of material thrown into blue bins.

The plant reports that 40 percent of waste sorted at the facility gets sent to landfills. In order to solve this problem, it starts with the citizens of a community. At the end of the day they are the people who are filling their bins each week to be hauled away to recycling facilities. If the people are educated on what is to be recycled, and what is not, it could have a tremendous impact on this issue.

According to list of what can and cannot be recycled there are many different materials to be on the watch for. They say there are three general guidelines for recycling:

  1. Recycle all bottles, cans, and paper
  2. Keep items relatively clean
  3. Don’t mix plastic bags in with the rest of your recycled items

These are great tips to keep in mind each week when getting ready to bring the bins to the curb. Rigid plastics/bottles, paper and cardboard, metals, and glass are all ideal materials to be disposed into your blue bin on trash night. Please make sure to avoid loose small plastics, polystyrene foam cups and containers, and dirtied paper products. These types of items cannot but recycled, and are the root cause of many materials being rejected from recycling plants.

By educating the citizens of the Space Coast the counties and towns around it will see quite an impact in the future of its sustainability. As landfills and recycling plants begin to work more efficiently, an umbrella effect of their efficiency will have lasting impact on the area.   


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