Orlando Holiday Decoration Storage Guide

No Orlando holiday season is complete without decorations. For homes and businesses alike, having holiday decorations like trees, string lights, and wreaths brightens the holiday mood. Putting up your holiday decor can be all fun and games until you have to take them down and store for the next season. The best way to beat these holiday decor frustrations starts with proper Orlando holiday decoration storage.

Proper holiday decoration storage ensures that your ornaments, string lights, garlands, Christmas trees, and other holiday knick-knacks are in good condition for the next holiday season. It also helps you get rid of clutter and create more space in your house, garage, basement, and anywhere else you store decorations. Safely storing your decor also means that you can easily access them when you need them. 

If storing holiday decorations gives you a headache every season, you are in the right place for a helpful Orlando holiday decoration storage guide. After this post, your process of storing decor should be as fun as putting them up for the holidays.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

  1. Create a holiday decoration storage space in your home.

Decluttering is the first and most crucial step to take before packing and storing holiday decorations. You will need a clean space to keep your holiday decorations for the next use. Take a few steps back and get rid of useless items in the house. Designate areas in your home like the attic or the extra closet to store your holiday decorations. You will want to ensure that these storage spaces are clean and free from junk. Throw away or donate holiday decorations you no longer need or use. 

Donate or give away items that are sentimental to you, but you don’t use them. As for damaged and old items, you can toss them away.

  1. Sort out your holiday decorations.

Going through your holiday decoration before packing is crucial. Organize your decor according to type and use while getting rid of damaged ones. Shoving everything in a box will do more harm than good. You don’t want to unpack a tangled string of lights the next time you need to use it.

Group your holiday decorations according to use so that it is easy to pack and store. Put ornaments together, trees, village houses, wreaths, snowmen, figurines, etc. in each category. Carefully pull down your string lights, untangle and wrap them in one place.

Tidying and organizing your holiday decor before packing them in boxes and bins makes it easy and saves you more storage space.

  1. Get your storage containers and boxes ready.

Storage containers and boxes are handy tools when it comes to holiday decoration storage. Once you have your holiday decor in different categories, you will need boxes and containers to keep them safe. You can use the original Christmas tree box to keep your tree after use. Also, you can invest in plastic containers for your ornaments, keepsakes, string lights, gift wrapping supplies, etc.

There are special storage containers for holiday decorations like wreath storage bins, ornament storage bins, and gift wrapper organizers.

Ensure that you have cardboard dividers or cushions to protect your ornaments and other fragile decorations from breaking inside the storage boxes or containers.

Remember to buy markers and tape to mark each storage box and seal.

  1. Pack and store your holiday decoration.

At this stage, you are close to finishing your holiday decoration storage process. Pack your items according to their categories and put them in your designated space at home. Carefully stack up the storage containers and safely hang things on the wall if you need to.

Orlando holiday decoration storage guide

Holiday Storage Made Easy

Safe storage of holiday decorations is imperative if you expect them to last for many holidays. Plan, organize, and store your items for future use using these simple steps.

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