Lagoon Cleanups in Titusville, FL

Titusville Florida is a beautiful city located on the Indian River. This beautiful city, just southwest of Florida’s Canaveral National Seashore, stands across the water from the world famous Kennedy Space Center. Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists will travel in and out of places like Titusville. This makes having a clean city with clean waterways a very important city issue.

Like many Florida cities, pollution in bodies of water is one of the most important public issues to focus on. Brevard County commissioners are on the ball when it comes to getting this marine waste cleaned up. They have passed a voter enacted bill that will raise sales tax. The revenue generated from the raised sales tax will go towards different cleanup jobs along the Indian River.

This plan has been in motion since early 2016 and plans to have over 40 different cleanup sites along the Indian River. According to Florida Today Magazine,

The plan for restoring the lagoon within Brevard includes such measures as muck removal, stormwater projects, upgrades to wastewater treatment facilities, septic system removal and upgrades, fertilizer management, oyster reef/living shoreline projects and public education.”

The upgrades and changes made to these current standing lagoon cleanup operations are essential to the sustainability of the community. Once the changes fully go into effect the surrounding areas of Titusville and Brevard County will be greatly impacted.In these lagoons there has been lots of pollution build up throughout the years. Once again, Florida Today Mag. mentions that,

The lagoon in recent years has experienced algae blooms, brown tide, fish kills, and unexplained deaths of dolphins, manatees and pelicans.”

Overall these changes will begin to reduce nitrogen levels in the water. This will save the lives of many aquatic species, and the other animals that eat them.

Aside from the sales tax increase to impact the cleaning up of the lagoons. They also voted on a staffing increase to add 6 more people to oversee the whole lagoon cleanup project. The other vote that passed were important guidelines put into place to make sure the tax money is properly allocated to effectively make an impact.  

This effort to change the clean up of the Indian River lagoon has been in the works since 2016. Each year the more parts of this intricate plan to rid this body of water of pollution go into effect. With every positive change made to the efforts the community around it will continue to reap the residual benefits of having clean bodies of water.

Every community across the nation needs to have a strong basis for clean water. That entails many moving parts. Local politicians, community activists, and nonprofit organizations must team up to ensure a sustainable future. Year round these community leaders need to stay on the ball, and keep the city active. This means planning events, cleanups, and more to get the whole community involved.When all of these things come together it makes for an unbelievably great foundation for a cleaner and better community.

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