How to Throw Away Old Furniture in Orlando

A problem as old as time is how to de-clutter and remove household junk in both an affordable and efficient manner. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat this problem: renting a dumpster, using a junk removal company, curbside collection for small items, and recycling the items by donating any usable furniture. Below, you will find a synopsis of all of the ways in which you can deal with this recurring and pressing issue.

      1. Cost efficient solutions for large quantities

Renting a Roll-off Dumpster

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A simple way to de-clutter or move old furniture is through renting a roll-off dumpster. Dumpsters are a perfect solution for people wanting to get rid of unnecessary household items. Normally, when renting a roll-off container you would have to open a few tabs on the Internet and compare rental fees before booking a container. However, we at Dumpster Market have created the first and only online dumpster rental marketplace, so that you as the consumer can go to a single website and compare all of the available roll-off container options in a single search. We have over 10 local dumpster rental companies in Orlando and the surrounding to choose from, ensuring that you get the best deal for your needs. If you are looking for a dumpster to haul away your junk or worn out furniture, we suggest renting a 10 to 15 yard dumpster. These roll-off dumpster tend to cost between $250 – $400, with a rental period of 7 to 10 days and tonnage capacity of around 2 tons.

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Hauling Away Junk

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An alternative to ordering a dumpster is using a local junk removal company to pick up your unwanted items. These companies bring in trucks to haul away the furniture often along with workers to load the items for you. While these companies handle the labor of hauling and removal for you, it is important to note that this service is much more costly than renting a roll-off and loading the items yourself. They will charge you for the removal itself, and also add fees for each item they load for you (fees will be higher for larger items) as well as for carrying them up stairs, or dismantling large items. If you have multiple large furniture items as well as a good deal of other junk to throw away it is often more economical to have a dumpster dropped off for a week or two. The junk removal companies are also limited to one- time scheduled pickups and lack the flexibility of leaving a container in your driveway for an extended period of time. A few notable junk removal companies in Orlando to check out include; Orlando Junk Removal, AAA Rousse, Junk Kings and 1800gotjunk.

2.Throw away a couple pieces of furniture for free

Curbside Cleanup

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As most of you know, Orlando’s regular household trash pick-up is on Monday. The county trash collector will not take away your unwanted furniture during the normal collection time. However, they will come back on later days in the week to remove old furniture and mattresses. Orlando offers large item pickups on Fridays and Saturdays. Individuals are able to request for up to 2 items to get hauled away. The big difference between curbside collection, junk removal companies, and renting a container comes down to time and the amount of stuff that you seek to remove from your home. Curbside is convenient in the sense that you simply submit a request for large item pickup and the county will take care of the couple items placed at the curb. The downside is that you will not be able to fully clean out a basement or garage; something that both dumpster rentals and junk removal companies can accomplish.

Donate Your Furniture

While donating your used furniture might not be at the top of your list of ways to get rid of the item, it can be cheaper than spending time and money scheduling for a junk removal pickup. People in need could benefit and appreciate gently used furniture. There are several local and national organizations throughout Orlando whose goal is to turn one person’s trash into another person’s treasure. Assuming that the material that you no longer want to keep is in somewhat good condition, why don’t you save some money and landfill space by donating it to people who will appreciate the used furniture. Some examples of organizations that would be interested in collecting unwanted furniture include; Goodwill, Mustard Seed, Salvation Army, and ReStore. The Orlando Restore has been closed, and there is a ReStore in Apopka if you are still interested in donating your item.


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Today’s society is built around the notion that more is better. This causes people to want to continue purchasing items so that they don’t feel left behind the other consumers. Through this materialistic mindset, people can buy more items than they need. As a result, households become cluttered with stuff that is not used after a time. This is the reason for the dreaded spring cleaning or summer garage sale. When you have unwanted or worn out items that you are desperately seeking to get rid of, consider recycling them for another use. The notion of out of mind out of sight allows people to think that chucking old things into the trash or a landfill is the preferred solution. Orange County landfill is encouraging local residents to find alternative ways to dispose of your unneeded items. The landfill has set an ambitious goal of recycling 75% of the waste thrown away by 2020. They need and hope for local homeowners to help them tackle this challenge. Their advice is to consider the items that you buy and to reduce your purchasing so that less junk goes their way. At the other end of the purchase cycle, consider recycling or reusing home items to reduce overall landfill material.

A change in attitude often starts with a change in your surroundings. The de-cluttering and cleanup of a household resonates across the family members and visitors to the home. Start with the consideration of what is gently used and can be transitioned to another space in the home or other’s home. Continue down the cleaning path to identify a couple of large pieces for cost-effective curbside pickup. If you have only a few items but need help carrying them out of your home, a junk removal company may be a good fit for you. If you find your home overwhelmed by clutter and trash and just need a container to throw things in yourself, head over to our online marketplace for a full range of trash containers available for quick and easy online ordering. Renting a roll-off dumpster is a simple one-stop shopping way to de-clutter and remove old furniture. Good luck converting the house back into a home.

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