Benefits of Having an Environmentally Friendly Building

A hot topic as of late is the idea of green buildings. The concept is still rather vague and as a result there are many components from which to choose. This is both exciting in the sense that you can customize how green you want your building, as well as frustrating in the sense that not all buildings are going to be the same. Making your house more green can range from installing solar panels on your roof, purchasing environmentally friendly appliances, and improving the green spaces in your backyard. Because the idea is still coming into its own, a variety of bloggers have decided to help come up with simple ways to make your abode more environmentally friendly. The best part about the green building movement is that it is not just an environmental issue. Instead, it is working to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability looks at our actions and analyzes the social, economic, and environmental repercussions that will ensue. It is not sustainable to only think about saving the environment at all costs if the solution is not economically feasible.  And, considering the economic gains of a decision at the expense of social and environmental needs is also not the solution.

A couple of years ago, National Geographic wrote an article doing a great job laying out all of the social, environmental and economic benefits that are associated with green and environmentally friendly building. They report that based on their calculation, 70% of the American population will live in cities by the year 2050. This is a vital piece of information since it means that there are an ever increasing population and a reduction of natural green space. As it stands right now, 30% of America’s carbon emissions come from homes and workplaces. Just take a second to think of all of the energy sources that you use at home:  fridge, lights, heating, burners for the stovetop just to list a few. This proves that the simple things that we take for granted can have very impactful repercussions. Obviously, people immediately think of the environmental benefits such as improved air and water quality and increased clean energy usage when floating around the idea of green buildings. However, there are also significant social factors that are often overlooked such as natural lighting and less noise pollution. The National Geographic report found that individuals who worked in locations with natural light were able to sleep longer, which ultimately lead to higher levels of productivity. This improved employee efficiency along with reduced energy usage enables homeowners and companies to save money.

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Let’s be honest, everyone wants to find ways to save money. You will be able to do this along with contributing to the greater Ocala environmental movement by taking some extra time when looking to renovate your house or when looking to update your appliances. The city and the county are not expecting you to be an expert in regards to how to minimize your energy consumption. That is why they offer a plethora of resources for you to get a better understanding and to not merely take their word on what can and cannot increase your household efficiency. Regardless of whether you are building an energy efficient new home, or just looking for quick fixes to minimize your energy consumption, there is a plan suitable for your green building needs!

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