Taking advantage of the sunlight in Ft. Lauderdale

With the constant barrage of storms taking place along the Florida coastline, some local cities are attempting to alter their actions. One of these cities is Fort Lauderdale. Tired of having to rebuild infrastructure and roads due to hurricane and flood damage, Fort Lauderdale has decided to make the switch to become a green city. Instead of being stuck in the past and using fossil fuels as their main energy sources, they instead have made the conscious decision to implement more solar into their community.

The reason behind this switch is a mixture of economic savings and environmental interest. Mimeos Energy has helped local residents and commercial companies realize the significant savings and increased efficiency of using solar. While solar initially has a high cost, due to its installation, in the long term it actually become much more cost effective compared to other forms of energy. Mimeos argues that through using solar energy, companies and households will be able to actually cut energy consumption and costs.

Image courtesy  of http://www.envisionsolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Envision-Solar-Executive-Summary.pdf

Mimeos is not the only local organization advocating for increased solar usage, Envision Solar International have long been a supporter of using more solar panels on vehicles. By using solar to help power transportation options, there will be a dramatic reduction of carbon emissions. Envision Solar International cites the carbon emissions from idle cars as part of the reason why coastal cities are constantly getting hit by storms. This proactive solution not only helps reduce an attributing factor to sea level rises, but it always provides an avenue for future leaders to build off of.

The notion of making Fort Lauderdale a more sustainable and environmentally friendly is something that the local government has encouraged. Not only does the government see the economic benefits of increased energy efficiency, it also acknowledges, the social implications that make it more affordable for individuals to access a more efficient source of energy. With the cost of energy going down and the increased efficiency, local residents can spend less time figuring out how to pay for energy and more time out on the beach.

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