Construction Recycling in Louisville

As landfill space becomes smaller, it is imperative to embrace construction recycling in Louisville. Construction waste makes up 25% of solid waste at the waste disposal sites. These enormous amounts of construction waste at the landfill negatively affect our environment. Sustainable construction debris management is key to diverting excess debris from the landfills. Recycling construction materials like glass, wood, concrete, asphalt, bricks, etc., have many environmental and economic benefits.

Advantages of Construction Recycling 

  • Construction recycling leads to less solid waste at the landfill, creating more landfill space for a safe environment. Additionally, you will spend less money on the disposal of construction waste. 
  • When you recycle construction materials, you preserve natural resources, and there will be less need to mine construction materials like the gravel or cut down trees. Also, you cut on building material costs when you use recycled construction material.
  • Construction recycling can help you earn the coveted LEED Certification, which gives your construction company a competitive edge in the construction industry.
  • Reusing construction materials on site also saves you money on transportation costs.
Construction Recycling in Louisville

Types of Construction Materials you can Recycle in Louisville

There are different ways of repurposing construction waste, and that is to follow the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Re-buy). 


Methods of reducing construction waste include constructing sustainable buildings and structures or building designs that can last longer and have room for deconstruction. 


Reusing means that you channel back salvaged construction materials into your new project. The best way to recover these materials is through safe dismantling, also known as deconstruction. You can reuse or donate building components like the windows, doors, wood, appliances, and fixtures like plumping material.


Recycling construction waste creates a new material that can be used in the construction industry or for other purposes. There are different construction and demolition recycling centers that can turn construction waste into useful products.


Re-buying construction or remodeling material like concrete and metals boosts the recycling industry and ensures that you get quality building materials at a lower cost.

Recyclable C&D waste includes; concrete, bricks, metals, yard waste (trees, stumps, rocks, and dirt), glass, doors, windows, roofing, furniture, carpeting material, plastics, cardboard, and gypsum.

Guide to Construction Recycling in Louisville

Check the local construction and demolition recycling guidelines.

As a contractor or construction company, it is crucial to check the local C&D guidelines to understand recyclable construction waste material. Your local municipality can give you information and directions on C&D recycling and disposal centers.

Plan for Construction Recycling

Before you start your demolition or construction project, plan for recycling. A great place to start is to consult environmental and recycling experts to guide you on safe construction waste recycling processes. Contact Dumpster Market to get dumpsters for material separation before sending it to recycling centers. You can place construction waste like wood, concrete, metals, asphalt, etc. separately for easy recycling.

Also, you can plan for roll-off containers to haul mixed recycling material. Ensure you have any permits necessary.

Use Deconstruction

Selective dismantling is a sure and economical way to salvage construction material during demolition or remodel. Before you demolish a building, safely remove building components like the doors, fixtures, plumbing and wiring material, windows, glass, gypsum, and other parts that you can safely dismantle. Deconstruction is a green building measure, and many organizations are ready to take salvaged housing components.

Dumpster Market Can Help You

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