Hauler F.A.Q

What is DumpsterMarket?

We’re an online marketplace where you upload the inventory you want to rent, set the price, and our system handles the rest. Our crack team of digital marketers make sure thousands of DIY homeowners and independent contractors see your products and can book and pay for their dumpster in minutes.

What is an Online Marketplace?

An online marketplace is a single app or website that provides the consumer access to most or all of the providers of a service or product. The customer gets the benefit of an easy way to compare prices, quality and availability, and instant booking and payment. You the hauler benefit by being able control your pricing, the turn of your inventory, and simplify customer interactions. Our marketplace will help you maximize profit just like airlines, hotels and rental car companies have experienced.

How does it work?

Once you create an account on DumpsterMarket, you upload the inventory you want to make available, select your prices and fees, delivery area. The system can immediately begin pairing customers with the lowest price option based on their job site, size, and availability. You’ll win more customers without hassle through streamlined dispatch, up-front payments and free communication tools.

How is DumpsterMarket different than brokers or lead companies?

As an online marketplace we’re just facilitating the transaction between you and the customer. You control all aspects of the final price to the customer, availability of your inventory, and the direct relationship with the customer. Brokers charge you a fee, take most of the profit, are slow to pay and you still have to do all the work. DumpsterMarket delivers customers with upfront immediate payment and you control the relationship. We give you more customers with less hassle.

What are the benefits of using DumpsterMarket?

More dumpster rentals with less hassle. Our goal is for you to never have a dumpster sit idle. Our site puts your available inventory at your price in front of a constant stream of DIY homeowners and independent contractors looking for a dumpster rental. Once a customer books, you’ll receive payment prior to drop off and our streamlined interface will provide you with simple management of the communication directly with the customer.

How do payments work?

During your account setup, we’ll guide you through a simple process for depositing funds directly in the bank account of your choice. When a customer books a dumpster rental, they pay upfront for the estimated fee. You will receive payment prior to delivering the dumpster. Our system then manages the entire rental period allowing you to add fees based on additional pickups, tipping fees, etc. Our system provides simple yet robust reporting to make your accounting or billing tasks a breeze. No more delays getting payment or chasing overdue invoices.

How do I sign up?

We’re glad you’re ready to join! Start Here. Fill out a quick questionnaire and one of our staff will guide you through the simple account setup process. We can have your inventory online in less than a day.

How do you guarantee the customer the lowest price?

One of the primary ways we can guarantee the customer the lowest cost is by pairing availability through proximity to the jobsite, providing size options and giving you the ability to instantly price excess inventory more aggressively.

When will the marketplace be live?

If you’re reading this it’s because we’re close to launching in your area. Sign up now to assure you immediately start benefiting from the aggressive marketing launch in your area. Call us at 844-728-3533 if you’d like more detail.