4 Considerations Before Tackling Your Washington DC Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? The kitchen is one of those essential places in your home, and it is also more than a place to prepare meals. You want it to be a place to bond with your family and entertain guests as you cook your favorite meals. And for these reasons, nothing is more satisfying than having a custom kitchen that complements your style and needs.

You may want to remodel your kitchen for many reasons. Maybe you want to prepare your house for sale; a remodeled Washington DC-area kitchen can improve the value of your home. Another reason is you may wish to upgrade your kitchen to a modern and functional kitchen. Whatever your goals are, kitchen remodeling is never without a few pitfalls. It is a complicated venture that needs your extra attention and planning. Below are the four things you should consider before remodeling your kitchen.

Get Your Timeline Planned


Unlike the 45-minute remodeling show you watch, kitchen remodeling can take quite a while to complete. Finding the right team can be a hassle, and the remodeling project will take a lot more than 45 minutes to complete. Ask your contractors about their timeline, and always be ready to take longer than you anticipate. Schedule when your subcontractors like a plumber, tile setter, electrician, cabinet installer, etc. can come in and do their part ahead of time.

With a set timeline, you will be able to plan and streamline your kitchen remodeling process.

Budget Ahead for Your Washington DC Kitchen Remodel

Before you embark on a shopping spree to buy products for your dream kitchen, it is crucial to have a clear budget that meets your goals. Depending on your property’s worth, the amount you decide to invest in your kitchen will add value, but overbuilding can cause you to lose ROI. You don’t want to deal with the latter, so work on your budget before you start remodeling. 

In as much as the kitchen is a small area in a house, it is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. You will have to spend money on plumbers, electricians, cabinets, remodeling supplies, paint, interior decor, etc. Have a realistic budget estimate that will give you a good return on investment. And always have a contingency so you’re not surprised by unexpected costs.

Alternative Kitchen for the Remodeling Duration

Before you dismantle your kitchen and reduce everything to debris, have a plan for an alternative kitchen to use for the remodeling duration. Staying without a kitchen can be overwhelming, especially if you have kids in your household. Consider creating an alternative temporary kitchen you will use for the time being. You can plan to move your refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster and other kitchen equipment you will need to another room. 

Consider cooking from your outdoor grill if the weather allows. You can consider moving your kitchen remodel project to warmer seasons so you can maximize outdoor cooking in the pleasant Washington DC spring and early summer. Whichever time you plan to renovate your kitchen, find an alternative kitchen to minimize the impact on your daily life. 

Hiring a Dumpster Rental in Washington, DC

Another thing to consider before remodeling the kitchen is how you will dispose of all the debris. A reliable dumpster rental company can handle all your kitchen remodeling debris in one go. 

Do your homework and research your available options regarding waste management. The scope and timeline of your kitchen remodeling project will be the determining factor when renting a dumpster

You should consider a debris disposal option that is pocket friendly and readily available when you need a roll-off container. Avoid kitchen remodeling pitfalls by renting a residential or commercial dumpster container from a Washington DC dumpster rental company. You can easily view and compare prices for your DC dumpster rental here

You can remodel your kitchen and get that dream space with the above tips. With the right preparation, you will realize that your kitchen remodeling project is not as hard as you think. Using proper considerations and planning, you will avoid any inconveniences.

Washington DC Kitchen Remodel

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