When to Rent a Dumpster vs. Bagging Your Trash

Determining when to rent a dumpster and when to haul your own trash is a difficult decision. This article will quickly highlight the benefits of both taking out the trash and using a roll-off dumpster. Scroll down to see a bullet point list of pros and cons in regards to ordering a dumpster compared to taking care of it yourself.

Using a Dumpster


  • Can handle a greater volume of junk or debris
  • Can easily remove larger items i.e. coffee tables and worn-out couches
  • Can handle a construction waste and debris that you probably don’t want in your car
  • The hauling company disposes of the junk


  • It costs money for the service people to drop off and collect the container
  • It can take up space in your driveway and may require a permit


Hauling Your Own Waste


  • Doing it yourself enables you to choose where to toss that unwanted stuff of yours
  • You save yourself the money that a dumpster rental costs
  • You don’t have a dumpster sitting on the curb or in your driveway


  • Cannot remove large amounts of stuff easily
  • Some large items can’t be left out at the curb for residential trash pickup
  • It is hard to fit larger items into a car


There is no right or wrong solution for how to handle your waste. Generally speaking, if there is construction waste involved or you are looking to offload a decent amount of items, then you should consider using a rental container. For merely wanting to get rid of a few pesky things around the house doing it yourself is probably the smarter option. It comes down to three primary considerations. First, consider the size and quantity of the objects that you need to remove. Second, factor in the material type that you are dealing with. Lastly, consider the proximity to the closest waste station and your hauling time. When looking for a cheap and affordable roll-off container, look no further than Dumpster Market

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