Weekend Cleanup: Garage, basement, crawl space

Weekend cleanup garage

If you haven’t carried out a basement, crawl space or garage cleanup for a while, you may be shocked what you will discover. To be honest, expect to find all sorts of junk because well, cleanups and waste go hand in hand

Garage cleanup

A garage cleanup will yield among other things:

  • Waste oil
  • Parts, empty drums
  • Coolants, cleaning solvents, and other fluids
  • Cardboard boxes, stretch film, polystyrene and other packaging waste
  • Expired paint, batteries, fertilizer etc.
  • Broken, unfinished projects and sentimental stuff

All in all if your car is always in the driveway and you have a garage, it’s time to clean up.

Crawl space cleanup

House crawl spaces usually carry a lot of your house’s insulation. Unlike in a garage cleanup, crawl spaces can have mold aside from other unsafe debris. You will most likely find:

  • Asbestos
  • Rusty nail
  • Wet, moldy fiberglass insulation
  • Solid foam
  • Rusty plumbing or drainage pipes

Due to the kind of material used for insulation, plumbing, and other projects in crawl spaces, this part of your house probably has hazardous debris which should be carefully handled.

Basement clean up

The basement of any house is basically the “dumping ground” for unused stuff or for hiding stuff you would like to remain hidden. Usually carrying a lifetime of junk, it’s more difficult to organize compared to a garage cleanup. What you will find in a typical basement is endless but is mostly unused, broken, or old stuff.

Junk challenge

After your weekend clean up, you’ll probably be wondering what to do with all the junk you have recovered. This pertinent question can be answered in a number of ways:

  • Sell the good stuff
  • Donate to charity
  • Recycle
  • Reuse

But sometimes there’s no getting around the fact that some of your junk truly is junk and is only good for the dump. Good news is professional waste disposal services are all around you for you to hire an affordable dumpster for this kind of debris. Professionally dump what you cannot recycle, sell, give away or even reuse.

Standard Size Dumpster to prepare for a garage cleanup is 10-15 Cubic Yard.

Check to see what Dumpsters are available to rent in your area.

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