How to prepare a home for an estate sale

Prepare for an estate sale

An estate sale can seem like a huge task, but take it step by step and you’ll soon be on the path to success. To prepare, follow this outline:

Get the Home Ready

An estate sale is often held at the property, so it’s vital to get it ready. Since this is similar to staging a home for sale, you might want to enlist help from a local real estate agent. Clean every room buyers will visit, making the space as welcoming as possible.

Remove Everything You Want

Start by removing and setting aside everything friends and loved ones want from the home. Now is not the time to settle ownership disputes, but simply ensure items are moved into a separate space. There’s no getting back anything that ends up accidentally sold!

Sort Out Remaining Items

After round one of picking out items, it’s not unusual to have cut the inventory of your estate sale by 30% or more. With the remaining items, you’ll need to take a critical eye and prioritize. These three categories can be helpful:

What to Purge

You can purge things through donations to local charities or your library – or, if there’s no other option, simply bag them up and get ready to throw them out.

What to Keep

As you sort through your remaining goods, you’re bound to find a slew of other items you wish to keep. Set these aside in storage or the area you’ve been using so far.

Showstopper Items

Great items run the gamut from recent electronics to potential antiques. If you encounter an older item with uncertain value, it’s best to have it professionally appraised.

Prepare for Waste

There’s always plenty of waste before an estate sale, so it’s a good idea to rent a dumpster. This gives you a way to conveniently eliminate unwanted items fast. If you plan to recycle, be sure to sort items by material from the start. Ask your dumpster rental professional about dangerous waste like electronics, batteries, and chemicals, which may need special procedures. You can read our guide on “what can I put in a dumpster” for more information. is the only online dumpster rental booking site that carries multiple haulers available inventory.



Standard Size Dumpster to prepare for an estate sale Medium is 15-20 Cubic Yard.


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  1. I want to make sure that I get my parent’s old home ready for an estate sale. It makes sense that I would want to collect things that I want to keep! That way everyone knows that they aren’t for sale.

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