Fallen tree in your yard? Here’s how to clean it up on your own

Fallen tree

After a storm, you could save lots of money by cleaning up a fallen tree yourself. Some planning and care is necessary, but it’s worth it – especially if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover tree removal. It often costs more than $1,000 to remove one fallen tree.

Here’s how you can handle it yourself at a fraction of the cost:

Count on Teamwork

First of all, never try to clean up a fallen tree alone. In case of the unforeseen, you always want to have someone else looking out for you. Partially fallen trees can shift or even start rolling.

Wear the Right Safety Gear

For most trees, a chainsaw is the only tool for the job, so full safety gear is essential. Don’t forget the gloves and eye protection, as there’ll be plenty of flying debris while you work.

Sharpen Your Chainsaw

A chainsaw needs to be ultra-sharp to cleanly cut large branches. Sharpening beforehand will protect you from one of the most dangerous situations: A stuck chainsaw blade.

Start From the Base of the Fallen Tree

Whenever possible, start from the base of the tree and work your way up. Cut off smaller branches first until you are left with the trunk. Before you start on a branch, check if it is under pressure. Prevent branches from whipping by cutting close to pressure points.

Gather Debris As You Go

Tree cleanup leaves a tremendous amount of debris around the lawn, creating hazards. The best thing to do here is rent a dumpster beforehand and clean the work site as you go. Leaving discarded branches until the end makes a dangerous fall more likely.

Cut the Trunk Flat

Eliminating the trunk is the last major step in your project. If it is flat on the ground, cut it up into multiple pieces first. Before you get started, check to make sure your chainsaw is big enough: A tool that hacks through branches with ease can still have trouble with trunks.

To make your tree removal quick and easy, plan ahead before you get started. To make your dumpster rental simple, contact us.

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