Decluttering Your Home Prior to Moving

Have you ever looked around your place and thought “what a mess”? Not the random pizza boxes and last week’s laundry laying on the floor.  We are talking about the closet and garage chock-full of untouched stuff. It makes sense… after all, we are told by society that we must have the next best thing. Whether this stems from millennials regularly ordering stuff from Amazon or the occasional hoarder who can’t seem to throw things away, people come with baggage. That is well and good until you have to move. Moving is one of those rare opportunities where you get to make a decision on what you want to keep versus what you need to keep. Let’s consider the process and implications of moving from a college room or a home.

In college, there are traditionally two lifestyles; living on-campus or renting an apartment off-campus. Generally speaking, college students living on-campus tend to live in dorm rooms and have less space to grow their stuff. This leads them to have fewer large objects, i.e., couches, coffee tables, dressers. While there is nothing wrong with living in confined spaces, it usually does not require a rental dumpster to complete the move. With that being said, there are still some universities that provide year round communal dumpster rental services for the dorms to share. For example, at my college, every on-campus apartment complex had at least one, if not two, dumpsters where the apartment residents could throw away their unwanted items. These were very helpful in keeping the apartment clean when a refrigerator stopped working or a mattress was upgraded. However, more often they were used at the end of the year during move out day. The last month of school is always an interesting period of time. All of the classes are ramping up with last minute tests and presentations, and everyone is trying to figure out how to handle their extra stuff accumulated over the school year. In my experience, it is a tradition for upperclassmen to try and reduce the volume of things that they are taking home with them and instead resell most of their items. This usually is how college students can get some spare cash for that next calculus textbook or that couch to complete next year’s apartment.  The items that have had hard use, often do not make it into the barter system and land in the dumpster instead of the dorm.

Off-campus college life can be an entirely different ball game. There is some financial independence, usually a kitchen facility, and tons of space to be filled.  Young adults also feel free from the strict dorm rules. These places tend to be more susceptible to incurring furniture damage. Unlike the on-campus living which might have dumpsters provided by the college, off-campus students are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of their properties. This can be a challenge at times and leads to landlords becoming disappointed in their tenants. There was a recent Wisconsin article that addressed this issue, claiming that students are doing a worse and worse job of cleaning up after themselves. They have no problem with students having fun or buying furniture for the rooms, however they draw the line when their tenants leave behind mountains of trash. For them, it shows no respect for the property that the student was fortunate to live in. Since living off-campus does not have a dumpster readily available for them, tenants will have to take ownership of the situation and order one themselves. This is where we can help you guys out. Our one of a kind online dumpster market ensures that you can order the rental dumpster that you can afford in minutes. Simply type your address into and all of the available dumpster options and pricing will appear on your screen.

College is not the only place where people move in and out of spaces.  While college moving is stressful due to the lack of preparation and the general leave it behind attitude, it is nothing compared to the difficulties that come with consolidating a life’s worth of materials.  Moving from one house to another always provides its own challenges. There is a variety of reasons why a person might want to leave their current place of residence; a new job, new roommate, desire to have a change in scenery, or need to downsize. Regardless of what the reason might be, at the end of the day, it all comes down to two simple questions: how much stuff can my new place hold? And what do I need to take with me?  The questions are simple, and the process of sorting belongings can be broken into steps. Make piles of keep, give away, and dispose. Next, box and bag the items to be saved and moved to the new home. Then load up your car and arrange transport to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or Veteran’s donation site. The last pile contains the items for the landfill. This is where rental dumpsters come into play. Through renting a roll-off dumpster at the first home, you will be able to save yourself time and money of packing everything up and loading it into extra U-haul trucks only to have to throw it all away at the new home.  Our online dumpster marketplace can help you calculate the size of container that you need, when you need it, and for the price you are able to pay. At the end of the day regardless of if you are switching home locations or moving into a different college apartment, make sure that you know that dumpster companies are here to help you out when the time comes.

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