Installation Instructions

DMOOS Installation Instructions

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You'll need two main things: the Dumpster Market Dashboard & your website login credentials

Step 1: Login to your Dumpster Market Dashboard


Once you've logged in, make sure you switch to your DMOOS view. You can do this by clicking the navigation item pictured.

Step 2: Navigate to your DMOOS Settings Tab

Now that you're in your DMOOS dashboard, you'll need to navigate to your Settings. There's a tab in the settings menu for getting your HTML button code. Follow the procedure below to get the code.

A) Click Sidebar Menu option: "Settings"

B) Click the "Market Button" option tab from the settings menu

C) Click the "Copy code" button

If you've followed these steps, you now have your HTML button code. You can easily paste this code into your site and it will create a "Book Dumpster Online" button.

Step 3: Putting the Button Prominently on your site

Our customers who are most successful with their online ordering buttons have them up-front and center on their websites.

For some examples of well placed buttons, please see:

button example

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