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  • Decluttering Your Home Prior to Moving (5/30/2019)- Have you ever looked around your place and thought “what a mess”? Not the random pizza boxes and last week’s laundry laying on the floor.  We are talking about the closet and garage chock-full of untouched stuff. It makes sense… after all, we are told by society that we must have the next best thing. […]
  • How to Remodel Your Kitchen (5/22/2019)- Certain things in life are rights of passage: stepping on a lego with your bare feet, burning your mouth when competing with a friend over who can eat the hottest chicken wing, and having to remodel a kitchen.   Appliance and cabinet repairs are not a rare thing. It does not matter if you buy a […]
  • Where Does Your Recycling Really Go? (5/21/2019)- We live in an out of sight out of mind world. Have you ever thought about where your trash or recycling ends up? Chances are that you haven’t, but you are not the only one.  Pretty much no one thinks about these types of things. You’re busy doing your daily routine and, honestly, who would […]
  • A Quick Guide for Spring Cleaning (5/9/2019)- As the leaves begin to color the trees green and the plants begin to emerge from the ground, it means only one thing; spring is upon us. You can feel renewed energy in the air that comes with  the warm weather and sunny skies. While spring bestows many great features such as the NHL and […]
  • Benefits of Having an Environmentally Friendly Building (4/23/2019)- A hot topic as of late is the idea of green buildings. The concept is still rather vague and as a result there are many components from which to choose. This is both exciting in the sense that you can customize how green you want your building, as well as frustrating in the sense that […]
  • Chemical Cleanup in Clermont, Florida (4/22/2019)- Chemical Cleanup in Clermont, Florida Clermont, Fl is another one of the sunshine state’s beautiful cities. Clermont is about 20 miles to the west of the city of Orlando, and is a strong tourist and lodging hotspot for people from all over the world. With an economy centered around tourism, it is extremely important for […]
  • Winter Park Sustainability Initiatives (4/16/2019)- Winter Park is entirely on board with trying to continue to make its city more sustainable. Their Sustainability Department has a mission to “To improve the quality, sustainability and aesthetics of our environment in order to create a healthier, more beautiful place to live, work, and play for today’s residents and future generations.” The most […]
  • Recycling on the Rise in Melbourne, Florida (4/11/2019)- Recycling on the Rise in Melbourne, Florida Throughout the United States of America there has been a surge in the amount of people starting to focus on sustainability. This is a very important step into having a brighter, and cleaner future. We see in Melbourne, Florida this new trend of “going green” has had a […]
  • Largo Green Infrastructure (4/10/2019)- In recent years there has been a dramatic push for progressive cities. Largo is one of the cites that has bought into this notion. So much so that in the last year, Largo announced its plans of only using renewable energy by 2050. This makes them the 75th city in America to make this declaration […]
  • The benefits that trees bring to Altamonte Springs (4/10/2019)- Several cities have begun to express great interest in becoming more sustainable. One such city is your own Altamonte Springs. Many of you know have heard the phrase, “sustainability” but do not quite understand what it entails.  It is taking into account the economic, social and environmental consequences when making a decision. Often companies prioritize […]