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  • Louisville E-Waste Guide (12/10/2020) - Are you stuck with obsolete electronics? There are countless electronic products in our homes and businesses. From TVs, computers, phones, fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners to LED light bulbs. Disposing of electronics waste can be quite a task given that some of the electronic components like the battery or the plug can render them hazardous. Electronic […]
  • Achieving Zero Waste in Washington DC (11/29/2020) - Is zero waste in Washington DC an attainable goal or a utopian vision? With the high rate at which people produce trash, it makes sense that governments, organizations, and individuals are doing everything it takes to achieve zero waste. The city is striving to achieve zero waste by 2034. It plans to divert 80% of […]
  • Guide to Upcycling in Washington DC (11/18/2020) - Are you wondering how best you can utilize old items you may have instead of sending them to one of the landfills in Washington DC? Did you know that you can restore and repurpose junk at home into a more useful product? From household junk to construction materials, you can transform anything old into the […]
  • Orlando Holiday Decoration Storage Guide (10/15/2020) - No Orlando holiday season is complete without decorations. For homes and businesses alike, having holiday decorations like trees, string lights, and wreaths brightens the holiday mood. Putting up your holiday decor can be all fun and games until you have to take them down and store for the next season. The best way to beat […]
  • Eliminating Food Waste in Washington DC (10/9/2020) - Do you wonder if food waste is good for the environment? Picture this: 40% of the food in the United States goes to waste each year. Huge chunks of this food are discarded before it gets to the consumers. If all these food ends up in the landfill, it creates an environmental menace. While you […]
  • Contact Free Dumpster Rentals (9/14/2020) - Do you need a roll-off bin during these uncertain times? When COVID-19 happened, social distancing was recommended as one of the ways to curb the spread of the disease. This means it is not business as usual, and we have the “new normal.” Luckily, debris and trash collection services fall in the category of essential […]
  • 4 Considerations Before Tackling Your Washington DC Kitchen Remodel (7/17/2020) - Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? The kitchen is one of those essential places in your home, and it is also more than a place to prepare meals. You want it to be a place to bond with your family and entertain guests as you cook your favorite meals. And for these reasons, nothing […]
  • Reducing Bedroom Clutter (9/24/2019) - It seems like there is never a spare moment to sit down and truly organize the stuff that comes into your life.  As a result, you probably have a stack of unread mail if you were even lucky enough to have found the time to pick up the mail. Since all of our time is […]
  • Top 5 Considerations When Cleaning an Attic (9/24/2019) - Nobody likes cleaning up and throwing out excess items that we have lying around the house. Instead, it is more common to chuck the unwanted thing into a nearby closet and shut the door on the mess. After all, out of mind out of sight.  Right? Wrong, just because it is not out in the […]
  • When to Rent a Dumpster vs. Bagging Your Trash (9/24/2019) - Determining when to rent a dumpster and when to haul your own trash is a difficult decision. This article will quickly highlight the benefits of both taking out the trash and using a roll-off dumpster. Scroll down to see a bullet point list of pros and cons in regards to ordering a dumpster compared to […]