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  • Debris Free Oceans in Miami- Debris free is the goal in Miami.  On September 2nd, 2018 the Miami Hurricanes played Louisiana State University for their home opener. This time something was different about their jerseys. The team wore uniforms made of recycled marine plastic waste. In collaboration with Adidas the Hurricanes will now rep their environmentally friendly uniforms. By having this […]
  • Suncoast Rise Above Plastics Coalition Fights Plastic Waste- Plastic pollution has been a widely talked about topic in this country this summer. This summer was the “Summer of the Straw” starting with the European ban on the plastic straw. This sparked movements all over the world to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated and hauled away each year. While local legislation stands […]
  • From Textiles to Tech: Pittsburgh Green Initiatives- In recent years Pittsburgh has undergone a transformation moving away from textile and manufacturing jobs, and become more focused on technology and innovation. One of the main reasons for this change in identity was to reduce the air pollution and overall amount of trash found on the ground, and to make Pittsburgh a green and […]
  • Brown Clouds Over Phoenix Caused by Waste- Sometimes you don’t think twice about what you’re tossing in the trash. According to the EPA the average American throws away about 4.4 lbs of trash per day. Wrappers, plastics, and other waste gets disposed into trash bins every day; all to be hauled away and dumped into a landfill. Arizona State University has conducted […]
  • Cleaning the Filth in Philadelphia- Philadelphia is just like any other city in America or the world for that, in the fact that there is garbage and trash laying around on its streets. However, Philadelphia has the misfortune of being nicknamed “filth-adelphia”. This is due to the fact that it was reported that Philly had 1.5 million tons of waste. […]
  • Recycling For All in Orlando- In Orlando, Florida recycling has become a widely discussed topic among the City Council. The Council plans to sign into law a plan to offer recycling to every residential and commercial building within the city limits. Right now many of these apartment buildings, homes, and businesses just throw away all waste ad do not recycle. […]
  • Orange is the New Green in Omaha- Omaha, like many other big cities, is facing the challenge of limiting what goes into their landfills.  Recycling programs have been in full swing with limited success, and still there is an excess of junk and trash. Unlike many other cities, instead of sitting back and ignoring its waste problems, Omaha has decided to go […]
  • Flashfoodbox: A Better Way to Eat in Detroit- Recently the majority of the media coverage of Michigan has spotlighted the problems that are taking place in Michigan, such as the Flint water crisis or the loss in manufacturing and automobile jobs. However, that does not mean that there are not communities and organizations that are aiming to cleanup its streets and improve the […]
  • Zero Waste Dallas- The city of Dallas, like many other large cities, hopes to eliminate most of its solid waste by 2040. This makes Dallas Texas’ 2nd city to have a zero waste plan. Austin, like Dallas, plans to be recycling 90% of its waste by 2040. Dallas hopes to be recycling 84% of waste by this time […]
  • Zero Waste Chicago- Zero Waste Chicago has quietly sprung up in Chicago.  In recent years Chicago has seen its fair share of improvements and success stories, such as the Cubs breaking the curse and the Blackhawks winning a few of Stanley cups. However there is an ugly problem that Chicago is facing that no one wants to talk […]