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Louisville E-Waste Guide

Are you stuck with obsolete electronics? There are countless electronic products in our homes and businesses. From TVs, computers, phones, fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners to LED light bulbs. Disposing of electronics waste can be quite a task given that some of the electronic components like the battery or the plug can render them hazardous. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, refers to electronic products that are either obsolete, unwanted, or near-end-life. Some of the not-so-fun facts about e-waste are that the lead component in e-waste can leach into the soil, pollute groundwater, and cause severe health problems to human health if not discarded properly.

Safe recovery and recycling of e-waste are crucial to protect the environment, and that is why we’ve put up this Louisville e-waste guide to help you. 

Louisville e-waste guide

What are the proper ways to handle e-waste?

Before you dispose of e-waste, it is vital to handle it with care when preparing it for disposal to avoid hazardous chemicals and dust exposure. Collect and put all your electronic waste in a closed container for proper storage to avoid any breakages and leaking. You can use tightly sealed containers to keep your old batteries and always put on gloves and other protective gear when handling e-waste. Also, label your e-waste for easy organization and disposal.

Best ways to dispose of e-waste in Louisville 

  • Find e-waste hauling services in Louisville

The best way to discard e-waste when you have many of them in your household or workplace is to find an e-waste hauling service. Using a junk hauler is cost-effective and has ways within their means to dispose of e-waste safely. The e-waste hauler can provide you with a junk dumpster for all your electronics.

  • Look for electronics take-back or trade-in programs.

Some electronic manufactures offer take-back or trade-in programs for used and old electronics. You can explore this disposal option to see if your brand manufacture can take-back the e-waste in Louisville, and you may qualify for discounts to upgrade your electronics. 

  • Check with your local retailer if they accept e-waste.

Another best way is to drop off your e-waste at a local retailer that recovers and recycles electronic waste. Ask your local retailer if they have such programs. Best Buy, for example, offers electronics recycling programs.

  • Take your e-waste to a certified local electronics recycler.

Do you have electronics that can be refurbished for reuse? Look for a certified local electronics recycler in your area and drop off your e-waste at their facility. Also, a local recycler can help you professionally handle the e-waste.

  • Donate electronics to national charities and community organizations.

Sometimes you may end up with electronics like TVs, cellphones, and computers in perfect working conditions after upgrading. Donate such electronics to national charities and community organizations. Make sure to clear any of your data on the devices before donating them to charitable organizations. You can also repair damaged electronics and donate since some organizations may not have the resources to fix them.

  • Sell your old electronics.

Another best e-waste disposal option in Louisville is to sell and make a few bucks. Selling electronics as second-hand items earns the landfill more time to “breathe.” You can list your electronic items online to find interested buyers. Additionally, you can sell them to companies that refurbish electronics.

  • Ask your trash removal service provider if they handle e-waste.

Some trash collection service providers may allow you to put a few electronics on the curbside, depending on the local guidelines. The government in Louisville provides electronic drop-off centers where you can take your electronics items for recycling. You can drop-off three or fewer electronics at no cost or a smaller fee for more e-waste.

Do you need help with your e-waste? We have Louisville junk removal service providers here at Dumpster Market. Get a dumpster for junk today.


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Achieving Zero Waste in Washington DC

Is zero waste in Washington DC an attainable goal or a utopian vision? With the high rate at which people produce trash, it makes sense that governments, organizations, and individuals are doing everything it takes to achieve zero waste. The city is striving to achieve zero waste by 2034. It plans to divert 80% of garbage from landfills and incinerators and reuse 20% of all trash produced to accomplish this. But what does zero-waste mean?

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a lifestyle that intends to divert any debris that has economic value from the landfills through reuse, recycling or resale. You should manage the flow of resources and garbage from production to consumption. Zero waste in Washington DC can seem unattainable and ambitious when you view it from a broader perspective. However, it all starts with individuals like you, business owners, and communities to realize the critical goal of eliminating waste. 

Benefits of Adopting a Zero Waste Methodology 

Trash at home is an inevitable consequence of everyday lifestyles, and you will always have to spend money to get rid of garbage. Transitioning to zero waste in Washington DC has benefits like:

  • Helping you cut on meaningless and impulse buying that can save thousands of dollars every year. 
  • Getting quality and long-lasting products like storage jars, grocery bags, etc. One-time-use products are a waste of money and fill your curbside bin fast. 
  • Disciplining you to always shop the pantry fast before going to the grocery store. This means less food waste.
  • Reducing pollution and contributing to natural resources conservation.

Better for Business

Zero waste in Washington DC has benefits for business. First, it gives your business a competitive advantage over others. Second, being a green business will save you the costs of waste disposal and help you establish long-lasting relationships with your clients and partners. Also, zero waste can help you cut on operational expenses, like getting new equipment and materials through reuse and recycling. 

Guide to help you achieve zero waste in Washington DC

Reduce sources of waste at home.

Achieving zero waste at home is easy. The first rule to attain this goal is to do home trash evaluation. Check for culprits that you throw out daily like plastic bags, straws, plastic containers, water bottles, paper towels, etc., and replace them with long-lasting, reusable products. For example, get reusable cloth bags for your groceries, reusable water bottles, and glass storage containers. 

Also, reuse, resell, or give out items like electronics, clothing, and beddings in good condition. You can even upcycle items at home and use them to make home accessories. Instead of dumping food waste in the trash bin, divert them to the compost pile and make organic manure.

zero waste in Washington DC

Repurpose construction and demolition waste.

Another way to achieve zero waste in Washington DC is to divert the amount of C&D debris in the landfills and incinerators. Imagine, 40% of solid waste in Washington DC comes from construction and remodeling projects. And the largest part of this debris is either burned or covered underground. Repurpose C&D junk, whether it is from residential-scale or commercial construction projects. 

Reuse non-hazardous construction waste or transfer to a C&D recycling facility. Dumpster Market provides convenient debris dumpsters and recycling services for construction projects in Washington DC. Support the city to attain its vision of zero waste by 2032. Pick a roll-off size and throw in clean or mixed construction debris, and we will happily help keep it out of the landfill or the burning in the incinerator.

Have convenient waste management for your business.

Achieving zero waste as a business owner or resident starts with convenient waste management in Washington DC. Hire a dumpster rental company to supply front load dumpsters or roll-offs. If you need to book one, look no further than Dumpster Market, the largest online source for waste management rentals.

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Guide to Upcycling in Washington DC

Are you wondering how best you can utilize old items you may have instead of sending them to one of the landfills in Washington DC?

Did you know that you can restore and repurpose junk at home into a more useful product? From household junk to construction materials, you can transform anything old into the quality and long-lasting products with a little bit of imagination. This process doesn’t need any intricate skills, and it is the most sustainable way to sustain our environment. The process of transforming or repurposing items is upcycling. Upcycling in Washington DC can be a great way to improve and protect our environment.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of redesigning waste into more useful and durable products and ultimately reducing waste in the landfills. Unlike recycling, which involves breaking down waste materials to produce a new product, upcycling in Washington DC gives a second life to waste materials through redesigning.

You can upcycle junk into beautiful home accessories like turning wine bottles into an outdoor chandelier, repurpose lampshades into beautiful vases, or crafting shark art from fence wood. How about having yard benches from cinder blocks? There are a thousand ways you can upcycle.

Advantages of upcycling

Why should you care about reinventing waste materials? From environmental, social, economic, and personal benefits, upcycling in Washington DC offers endless benefits.

  • You save the landfill one trash item at a time. The less the amount of trash in the landfill, the lower the amount of soil degradation, water, and air pollution, and ultimately you save the landfills.
  • Upcycling items you already have conserves natural resources. Imagine the number of natural resources you will need every time you discard an old thing like furniture and buy a new one. The natural resources are already limited, and so upcycling save these resources.
  • Do you love art? Upcycling promotes and celebrates craftmanship while redesigning waste into useful products. Think about trash to treasure.
  • Upcycling also helps you save money and acquire new crafting skills. Instead of going to the store to buy new pillowcases or patio benches, you can turn old shirts into pillowcases and use cinder blocks to make patio benches for your family.

guide to upcycling in washington dc

Complete guide to upcycling in Washington DC

Contrary to what you may think, upcycling is easy and requires simple DIY skills to get a project done. Upcycling costs less, and with your creativity, you can find better ways to reinvent your junk. Below are steps to upcycling in Washington DC.

Salvage items you can upcycle 

Before you discard junk into your dumpster, think of better ways to make that item useful. Salvage and put things aside that you can upcycle. Whether it is home junk or construction waste, it doesn’t hurt to learn ways to upcycle.

Research excellent and simple upcycling ideas

There are endless DIY upcycling guides to help you discover excellent and simple design ideas from TV shows to digital media. You can read blogs like Upcycle That or learn from YouTube channels for inspiration and DIY ideas.

Get your crafting tools.

With your upcycling project coming up, you need the best tools. Depending on the items you want to upcycle, get your crafting tools like a hacksaw, screwdriver, pliers, cork sanding block, hammer, electric drill, paintbrushes, etc.

Have a plan and space to work on your upcycling project.

Planning and creating space for your upcycling project is crucial. Some projects may take several days, and you may need a working space for all your work, especially if you have little humans and pets around. You can identify a room or set up a shade in your yard for the project.

Be creative and turn your trash into treasure. Don’t want to do the work but passionate about upcycling? There are transfer stations and crafting stores in Washington DC that do upcycling. Take your items to these centers and see them turn into quality products.

Dumpster Market is always here to help you move junk.

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Orlando Holiday Decoration Storage Guide

No Orlando holiday season is complete without decorations. For homes and businesses alike, having holiday decorations like trees, string lights, and wreaths brightens the holiday mood. Putting up your holiday decor can be all fun and games until you have to take them down and store for the next season. The best way to beat these holiday decor frustrations starts with proper Orlando holiday decoration storage.

Proper holiday decoration storage ensures that your ornaments, string lights, garlands, Christmas trees, and other holiday knick-knacks are in good condition for the next holiday season. It also helps you get rid of clutter and create more space in your house, garage, basement, and anywhere else you store decorations. Safely storing your decor also means that you can easily access them when you need them. 

If storing holiday decorations gives you a headache every season, you are in the right place for a helpful Orlando holiday decoration storage guide. After this post, your process of storing decor should be as fun as putting them up for the holidays.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

  1. Create a holiday decoration storage space in your home.

Decluttering is the first and most crucial step to take before packing and storing holiday decorations. You will need a clean space to keep your holiday decorations for the next use. Take a few steps back and get rid of useless items in the house. Designate areas in your home like the attic or the extra closet to store your holiday decorations. You will want to ensure that these storage spaces are clean and free from junk. Throw away or donate holiday decorations you no longer need or use. 

Donate or give away items that are sentimental to you, but you don’t use them. As for damaged and old items, you can toss them away.

  1. Sort out your holiday decorations.

Going through your holiday decoration before packing is crucial. Organize your decor according to type and use while getting rid of damaged ones. Shoving everything in a box will do more harm than good. You don’t want to unpack a tangled string of lights the next time you need to use it.

Group your holiday decorations according to use so that it is easy to pack and store. Put ornaments together, trees, village houses, wreaths, snowmen, figurines, etc. in each category. Carefully pull down your string lights, untangle and wrap them in one place.

Tidying and organizing your holiday decor before packing them in boxes and bins makes it easy and saves you more storage space.

  1. Get your storage containers and boxes ready.

Storage containers and boxes are handy tools when it comes to holiday decoration storage. Once you have your holiday decor in different categories, you will need boxes and containers to keep them safe. You can use the original Christmas tree box to keep your tree after use. Also, you can invest in plastic containers for your ornaments, keepsakes, string lights, gift wrapping supplies, etc.

There are special storage containers for holiday decorations like wreath storage bins, ornament storage bins, and gift wrapper organizers.

Ensure that you have cardboard dividers or cushions to protect your ornaments and other fragile decorations from breaking inside the storage boxes or containers.

Remember to buy markers and tape to mark each storage box and seal.

  1. Pack and store your holiday decoration.

At this stage, you are close to finishing your holiday decoration storage process. Pack your items according to their categories and put them in your designated space at home. Carefully stack up the storage containers and safely hang things on the wall if you need to.

Orlando holiday decoration storage guide

Holiday Storage Made Easy

Safe storage of holiday decorations is imperative if you expect them to last for many holidays. Plan, organize, and store your items for future use using these simple steps.

Need help in disposing of holiday or other clutter so you can properly store your holiday decorations? Dumpster Market can help! Book a dumpster from a trusted hauler in Orlando and get organized today.


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Eliminating Food Waste in Washington DC

Do you wonder if food waste is good for the environment? Picture this: 40% of the food in the United States goes to waste each year. Huge chunks of this food are discarded before it gets to the consumers. If all these food ends up in the landfill, it creates an environmental menace. While you may think food waste can compost and add nutrients to the soil, the reality is that contaminated food waste rotting at the landfills emits a dangerous gas called methane. Besides environmental pollution, food waste has other negative impacts that run into billions of dollars each year. Think about the resources used to produce food, including labor, water, land, and energy going to waste. Washington, DC is among the cities in the United States taking action and eliminating food waste. Eliminating food waste in Washington DC has many benefits.

Advantages of Reducing Food Waste

  • You save money. Buying less food means that you are saving more money to use for other purposes.
  • It cuts on the amount of garbage at the landfill. This means that there will be less amount of methane gas produced and will reduce climatic change.
  • You save the economy. When you eliminate food waste, you help keep on the resources used to produce food. And this may lead to food prices reduction.

Ways to Eliminate Food Waste in Washington, DC

Buy only enough food.

According to a food waste study, consumers in their homes waste more food than any other part of the food supply chain like the restaurant or the grocery store. Food waste happens when you buy more than necessary food, poor storage, and lack of planning. Before you rush to the grocery store, ensure that you’ve exhausted your pantry and fridge options. Create a menu and only buy food items you need on that menu. Be creative when preparing food and transform edible parts of food that you usually throw away into a side dish.

eliminating food waste Washington DC

Practice safe food storage and preservation.

Poorly stored food goes bad quickly, which means you will have to throw them away before consuming them. One of the keys to eliminating food waste in Washington DC is to learn how to safely store and preserve food at home to avoid food wastage. Ensure that your fridge is free from clutter and in good condition to keep food longer. You can check the labels on your food products to see how best you can store them. Refrigerate perishable food products like peeled vegetables. Remember to check your fridge frequently and keep track of food consumption to ensure that you buy only what you need.

Donate excess safe food you have.

Another way to eliminate food waste in Washington, DC is to donate excess but safe food you may have. Donating food to others is a noble cause of helping others in society and an excellent way to keep food out of the landfills. Find donation centers and food banks in Washington DC and drop off excess but safe food. This will help someone have food on their plate.


Inasmuch as you want to utilize food before it goes to waste, there will be food scraps. You can turn this type of food waste into a useful product through composting. Safely sort food waste to avoid contamination and prepare them for composting. This is an eco-friendly way to generate organic manure that you can use in your garden or send off to farmers. If you don’t like composting, you can use compost pickup services available. The Department of Public Works has a composting program where you can drop off food waste at collection points.

Eliminating Food Waste in Washington, DC

Eliminating food waste calls for efforts by all stakeholders in the supply chain. Business owners and individuals alike have a role in reducing food waste ending in the dumping sites.

Do you need help in handling food waste and other home junk? Dumpster Market has your back! Check out our haulers who specialize in waste and debris removal, recycling, and organic waste.

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Contact Free Dumpster Rentals

Do you need a roll-off bin during these uncertain times? When COVID-19 happened, social distancing was recommended as one of the ways to curb the spread of the disease. This means it is not business as usual, and we have the “new normal.” Luckily, debris and trash collection services fall in the category of essential services, so you can still go ahead with your kitchen remodel, bath renovation, commercial construction, or junk removal project while social distancing.

However, it is crucial to work on your project while keeping a social distance. And that means that it is best to utilize contact-free dumpster rentals during this pandemic.

Contact-free dumpster rental options are our specialty here at Dumpster Market. Our vetted, professional haulers put in extra measures to guarantee the safety of customers and staff alike during this time.

Contact free dumpster rentals

What Does Contact-Free Dumpster Rentals Mean?

Here is the thing–with contact-free dumpster rentals, you can schedule delivery and pick up without having to meet or come in contact with the staff. Our haulers can accommodate digital signatures in many cases, and where they can’t, they are masked and safely following recommended protocols to ensure you are comfortable when taking delivery of your dumpster.

Below is how you can dispose of junk in your house while keeping a safe distance.

The Rental Process

Do you wish to complete the entire dumpster rental process online? You can do exactly that here at Dumpster Market. Making all your rental booking and scheduling online means that you don’t have to worry about going inside a facility or meeting with a representative in person.

Dumpster Market brings all the dumpster rentals near you in one place online, where you compare roll-off rental rates and pick the most competitive company. This offers a quick and efficient solution rather than having to browse the internet and make several calls to different dumpster rental companies.

Our vendors have unmatched contact-free dumpster rental experiences and put your health first.

Online Roll Off Container Rental Process

Find Haulers in Your Area

Your first step is to visit our website and input your zip code or the name of your city in the search bar, and we will pull all the available dumpsters and the rates for you.

You will be able to compare the rates, including overweight and extension fees.

Choose the Right Size for Your Project

With a click of a button, you can order your dumpster size within minutes.

Remember, you can choose the size, type of waste you want to dispose of, and delivery timeframe in one place online.

Get Assistance if You Have Questions

Our website is user-friendly, but if you need to talk to an assistant, you can call right away. You can do all the billing/invoicing online at the comfort of your home.

Finalize Your Order

Once you give us your address where you want the container placed on your job site, your hauler will drop off the dumpster without physical contact. In many cases, you don’t even have to be on-site during pick up.

Check Different Dumpster Sizes Online

Choosing roll-off dumpster sizes has never been this simple. At Dumpster Market, you can view the available container sizes ranging from the smallest size of six cubic yards to the biggest volume of 40 cubic yards online. You can get dumpsters for any job, like heavy debris clean up, roofing shingles, asphalt, concrete, household and construction projects or junk cleanout and small DIY remodeling. We provide as much information about the different sizes so that you can save time and pick the ideal container for your project.

Get Rid of the Junk with Contact-Free Dumpster Rentals

Keep yourself busy at home by doing remodel and clean out projects as you maintain the recommended social distancing. You can take this time to remodel your kitchen, give your bath a new look, clean the basement, or clear your patio and backyard. Our online services are free, and you can consult with us at no additional cost through a phone call. What are you waiting for? Call or book online today!





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4 Considerations Before Tackling Your Washington DC Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? The kitchen is one of those essential places in your home, and it is also more than a place to prepare meals. You want it to be a place to bond with your family and entertain guests as you cook your favorite meals. And for these reasons, nothing is more satisfying than having a custom kitchen that complements your style and needs.

You may want to remodel your kitchen for many reasons. Maybe you want to prepare your house for sale; a remodeled Washington DC-area kitchen can improve the value of your home. Another reason is you may wish to upgrade your kitchen to a modern and functional kitchen. Whatever your goals are, kitchen remodeling is never without a few pitfalls. It is a complicated venture that needs your extra attention and planning. Below are the four things you should consider before remodeling your kitchen.

Get Your Timeline Planned


Unlike the 45-minute remodeling show you watch, kitchen remodeling can take quite a while to complete. Finding the right team can be a hassle, and the remodeling project will take a lot more than 45 minutes to complete. Ask your contractors about their timeline, and always be ready to take longer than you anticipate. Schedule when your subcontractors like a plumber, tile setter, electrician, cabinet installer, etc. can come in and do their part ahead of time.

With a set timeline, you will be able to plan and streamline your kitchen remodeling process.

Budget Ahead for Your Washington DC Kitchen Remodel

Before you embark on a shopping spree to buy products for your dream kitchen, it is crucial to have a clear budget that meets your goals. Depending on your property’s worth, the amount you decide to invest in your kitchen will add value, but overbuilding can cause you to lose ROI. You don’t want to deal with the latter, so work on your budget before you start remodeling. 

In as much as the kitchen is a small area in a house, it is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. You will have to spend money on plumbers, electricians, cabinets, remodeling supplies, paint, interior decor, etc. Have a realistic budget estimate that will give you a good return on investment. And always have a contingency so you’re not surprised by unexpected costs.

Alternative Kitchen for the Remodeling Duration

Before you dismantle your kitchen and reduce everything to debris, have a plan for an alternative kitchen to use for the remodeling duration. Staying without a kitchen can be overwhelming, especially if you have kids in your household. Consider creating an alternative temporary kitchen you will use for the time being. You can plan to move your refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster and other kitchen equipment you will need to another room. 

Consider cooking from your outdoor grill if the weather allows. You can consider moving your kitchen remodel project to warmer seasons so you can maximize outdoor cooking in the pleasant Washington DC spring and early summer. Whichever time you plan to renovate your kitchen, find an alternative kitchen to minimize the impact on your daily life. 

Hiring a Dumpster Rental in Washington, DC

Another thing to consider before remodeling the kitchen is how you will dispose of all the debris. A reliable dumpster rental company can handle all your kitchen remodeling debris in one go. 

Do your homework and research your available options regarding waste management. The scope and timeline of your kitchen remodeling project will be the determining factor when renting a dumpster

You should consider a debris disposal option that is pocket friendly and readily available when you need a roll-off container. Avoid kitchen remodeling pitfalls by renting a residential or commercial dumpster container from a Washington DC dumpster rental company. You can easily view and compare prices for your DC dumpster rental here

You can remodel your kitchen and get that dream space with the above tips. With the right preparation, you will realize that your kitchen remodeling project is not as hard as you think. Using proper considerations and planning, you will avoid any inconveniences.

Washington DC Kitchen Remodel