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Dumpster Market has brought roll-off container rental out of the dark ages.  It works like Expedia or for dumpster rental.  We're all used to booking hotels and flights by comparing our options all in one place and booking from our phone or computer.  Our team realized that dumpster rental should be no different, so we created Dumpster Market: the first online comparison marketplace for roll-off container rental. 

You no longer have to spend hours searching the web and calling around to get prices from different hauling companies.  The reliable roll-off providers in our service areas are all here in our marketplace.  We let trusted haulers put their pricing and inventory on our website so that you can rent a dumpster from them with our quick and easy online ordering process. 

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Standard Size Dumpster to prepare for an estate sale Medium is 15-20 Cubic Yard.

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Great experience using Dumpster Market! Very easy to compare prices and find the best price and size options with quick delivery scheduling. Website is very user friendly, no complaints at all. Will definitely use again! - Zach, Wockenfuss Contracting


Great idea! They delivered and picked up on time. And they billed what they said they would! I would recommend to all my friends. - Brian, McNally Properties

I got a really good rate for a dumpster i needed for renovation. - Alan, Homeowner